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Doctors are helping patients restore heart health - thanks to new therapies that target hidden stress in our daily lives.

This best-selling book tells the stories of patients who are getting better, the doctors who are working with them, and the researchers who made the discoveries. Together, they are unlocking the nature of longevity.  Meet the innovators who pioneered these advances, and  patients who are benefiting from them. See how they are solving the following problem described by one of America's leading clinical trial cardiologists...

"The standard prescribed therapies for cardiovascular disease and other chronic illnesses have not succeeded in resolving this problem because they're
not targeted towards it."

Dr. Gervasio Lamas,
Chief of Cardiology, Mt. Sinai Medical Center & Columbia University

Seven things that standard heart therapies miss

   Standard therapies temporarily relieve heart disease symptoms, but don't repair the damage. Treatments still mostly focus on cholesterol, hypertension, age, and smoking (1). But the process is also driven by our body's reaction against hidden stress, including;

  1. Toxic metals and other pollutants that degrade our tissue.

  2. Low level infections that escape detection and trigger constant inflammation.

  3. Chronic noise from traffic and other sources.

  4. Environmental and emotional stresses that gang up on the body.


Standard therapies also don't target the impacts of those stresses, including:

  1. Our immune system turning against us when it tries to fix the damage.

  2. Inflammation degrading the elastic in our arteries.

  3. Our body hardening its own arteries when it tries to wall off the damage.


 Where is this war raging?

  • In the the space between your cells.

  • It's driven by trillions of tiny particles that run your body’s daily business.


The Good News

A few innovative therapies are removing toxic metals, restoring the elastic in arteries, and reducing chronic inflammation. 


(1) Those risk factors come from a series of studies are known as the Framingham studies. Several other studies suggest these need to be revised.

About the Author

Douglas Mulhall's career spans his work as a journalist, author, award-winning documentary film maker, TV network founder & CEO, academic researcher, biotech company co-founder, pioneer of digital standards for healthy products, and developer of award-winning healthy buildings. He co-founded Elastrin Therapeutics, dedicated to reversing cardiovascular damage.  He also co-founded  projects in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Europe, and the U.S. He co-created  award-winning buildings in Sweden & Netherlands, and co-developed healthy materials for the building, packaging & printing industries. He has published on  calcification in heart disease in journals like Nature's Laboratory Investigations.  

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