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If you haven't been told about hidden stress, it's time to find out.

Learn how solutions are available today for one of the greatest yet least-known health threats, and
why you're not being told about them.

  • The American Heart Association declared that we're all exposed to major heart risks from LOW LEVELS of toxic metals. These harm children's IQ, damage DNA, and are carcinogenic.
  • A new study in the leading clinical journal The Lancet says that these metals do more harm in heart disease than smoking or cholesterol.
  • Millions of babies and children are being fed toxic metals. Consumer Reports found that these are in popular baby foods, snacks, and chocolates.
  • Some patients and their healthcare providers are preventing and reversing the damage from these and other hidden stresses, using widely available methods.
  • Most  healthcare providers don't test for these stresses, so don't tell patients about them. Surgical and other procedures are being performed on patients at high cost and great pain when more effective solutions are available. 

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Book cover for Discovering the Nature of Longevity

"Fascinating, all of this, certainly good news."
Graham Ulkins, News Anchor, Gray Television Network
Syndicated in U.S.


Therapy for New Heart Risk

American Heart Association lists major  new heart disease risk, and therapy that slashes costs for treating it by 80%.

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Aneurysm Patients Improve
Therapy prevents aneurysms from bursting and avoids hemorrhagic stroke. The news story is here.  The full story is in the book.

Protecting Your Health From Wildfires

Visit our unique wildfire resources page here . Compiled news and official websites on how to protect your health during and after wildfires. Tip on testing water & soil, and  well water decontamination. Also, your air conditioner's dirty secret, and how to fix it.

Impacts of Lead on Children

A  study in the leading medical journal The Lancet says that impacts of low lead levels found everywhere are worse than smoking or cholesterol as heart disease risks, and harm children's IQ. Learn how exposure is being prevented and damage from contamination is being reversed.(

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What standard therapies miss

The standard prescribed therapies for cardiovascular disease and other
chronic illnesses have not succeeded
in resolving this problem because
they're not targeted towards it
Dr. Gervasio Lamas,
Chief of Cardiology,

Mt. Sinai Medical Center & Columbia University


Each Show Covers a Different Book Feature -
What Parents Can Do, Available Therapy,
Patient Activism, and the Business of Longevity





YOU: The Owner’s Manual series of bestselling books; lecturer, TV personality, and radio talk show personality


Firebreathing Rob

Fast paced lifestyle, politics and health show broadcast on 20 radio stations across the U.S.


He's Just A....

NOW PLAYING! Straight out of New York's Harlem, He’s Just A Social Worker is a community-based platform that e explores how mental health impacts work and lives, and what's being done about it. In this episode host Jules Douge asks Douglas Mulhall why African Americans, diabetics, and children are especially affected by a specific hidden stress and what's being done about it.

NOW PLAYING! Would you like to parent, using tools that set you and your child up for success? Parenting with Confidence presents you with solutions and answers if you are a tired and frustrated parent. In this episode, host Theresa Alexander Inman explores what parents can do about the newly discovered risks of toxic metals.

More shortly!


Divya Parekh shares her experience working with women, corporate leaders, achievers, and entrepreneurs on her radio show, Beyond Confidence…Live the Life You Want! She aspires to help you step beyond your current circumstances and move beyond. You will learn solid strategies, tactics, and goals that you can apply to your situation and experience the success you desire! Each show will supply you with more insight and specific ideas on how to propel your career, business, and life forward.

The story in the book


Inspiring Stories

Woman writing stories about restoring the heart

Stories of patients who are getting better, doctors who are treating them, and researchers who made the discoveries. Together, they are restoring the heart and body by unlocking the nature of longevity.  Meet the innovators who pioneered these advances, and  patients who are benefiting from them. See how they are solving this problem, as described by one of America's leading cardiologists who found a way to do it ...

   Debuted at #1 in SEVEN Amazon Hot New Release categories
                   ...and after 7 months still a bestseller!

The Back Cover

This book describes how the damage that hidden stress inflicts on the
heart and body is being prevented and reversed. With a Foreword by
one of America’s leading cardiologists, it tells the stories of the patients,
doctors, and scientists who together are discovering the nature of longevity.

In easy-to-understand terms, and backed by hundreds of references,

it provides practical insights into:

• Why the damage from hidden stress limits how long and well we live.
• Why standard care doesn’t target the damage, and how that’s changing.
• Why diet & exercise are crucial, but still can’t break the lifespan barrier.
• How heart patients with diabetes have risks reduced by almost half.
• How doctors reverse Peripheral Artery Disease damage without surgery.
• How the elastic that drives the heart, arteries, and skin is being restored.
• How life-threatening aneurysms are being repaired due to that discovery.
• How trillions of tiny blobs that rule our health are driving a revolution.
• How a supplement formula has been improving heart health for decades.
• How patients are escaping the trap of uninsured and unexpected costs.
• Who is investing in effective solutions and overcoming barriers to them.
• How the places where we live trigger hidden stress and help to prevent it..

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