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"Outstanding... a lot of people should be reading this...all this information was absolutely fascinating"  
            William Heckman, Executive
Director, American Institute of Stress


Book cover for Discovering the Nature of Longevity

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"Fascinating, all of this,
certainly good news."
Graham Ulkins
Gray Television Network
Nationally Syndicated in U.S.


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American Institute of Stress
Flagship program
Finding Contentment

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*Special note for those affected by wildfire smoke across North America*

Here are links to official websites on how to protect your health from wildfire smoke, especially for people with cardiovascular conditions:

Protecting yourself from wildfire smoke - Government of Canada

Protecting Cardiovascular Health from Wildfire Smoke - Circulation journal

         #1 in SEVEN Amazon Hot New Release categories

Doctors and patients reversing the damage from hidden stress that affects all of us from the day we're born.

The stories of who is doing it, and who is benefiting.

The Back Cover

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Inspiring Stories

Woman writing stories about restoring the heart
What standard therapies miss

Stories of patients who are getting better, doctors who are treating them, and researchers who made the discoveries. Together, they are restoring the heart and body by unlocking the nature of longevity.  Meet the innovators who pioneered these advances, and  patients who are benefiting from them. See how they are solving this problem, as described by one of America's leading cardiologists who found a way to do it ...

"The standard prescribed therapies for cardiovascular disease and other
chronic illnesses have not succeeded
in resolving this problem because
they're not targeted towards it."

Dr. Gervasio Lamas,
Chief of Cardiology, Mt. Sinai Medical Center & Columbia University

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