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If you live near Salt Lake, Utah or Owens Lake, California, and are concerned about  reports of toxic dust, then click here and scroll down to see  how buildings can protect people today. 

This story ran recently in The Guardian , but the real secret to restoration isn't collagen, it's elastin, and you don't have to destroy rainforests to fix it.
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Here's how doctors are saving heart patients' lives and limbs without surgery.

Cardiologists at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami, Florida have saved patients from losing their feet to an insidious form of heart disease that affects tens of millions of people globally. The blood flow in patients' legs was restored without surgery. Why then, are millions of amputations and artery transplant still being performed for this condition? Why are hospitals around the world not using these published results?

  This book describes how
 hearts and arteries are being restored by
stress that's triggered by your environment.

If someone you know has one of these conditions, they will want to read this book.

Many studies describe how the damage from environmental stress is being reversed in:




Critical Limb Ischemia

Diabetes (with cardiovascular disease or hypertension)

Heart valves

Peripheral Artery Disease


You can learn about successes that came from those studies. These are further described in the upcoming book.

Why your body turns against you
Environment vs. Body

Inspiring Stories

Mature Man Having Fun
What standard therapies miss

"The standard prescribed therapies for cardiovascular disease
and other chronic illnesses have not succeeded in resolving this problem because they're not targeted towards it"

Dr. Gervasio Lamas,
Chief of Cardiology, Mt. Sinai Medical Center &
Columbia University


When standard therapies don't work well enough

This book tells the stories of patients who are getting better, the doctors who are treating them, and the researchers who made the discoveries. Together, they are unlocking the nature of longevity.  Meet the innovators who pioneered these advances, and  patients who are benefiting from them.

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