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Special Alert - Wildfires And Health

*Special message for those affected by wildfires across North America*


Links to news and official websites on how to protect your health from  wildfire fallout during and after. Also, testing water and soil for contamination after a wildfire, and a project on well water decontamination.

Returning to your home after a wildfire - MyHealthAlberta

Water Quality After a Wildfire - California Water Science Center

Toxic Pollutants in Wildfire Ash - Vancouver Sun

How Nova Scotia Fires Will Affect the Healthcare System - Observer

Health Officials Warn About Air Quality in NS Fires - CTV News

Protecting yourself from wildfire smoke - Government of Canada

Protecting Cardiovascular Health from Wildfire Smoke - Circulation journal

Wildfire: Its Effects on Drinking Water Quality - British Columbia. Healthlink

Wildfire impacts on Drinking Water Systems - Oregon Health Authority

Research project underway to prepare water utilities for wildfire events


For healthy buildings in general., download free booklet


Photo by Brendan O'Reilly.

To learn more about the effects of heavy metals and other hidden stresses on cardiovascular health, as well as examples of innovative therapies for reversing the damage, read on...

"Outstanding... a lot of people should be reading this...all this information was absolutely fascinating"  
            William Heckman, Executive
Director, American Institute of Stress


Book cover for Discovering the Nature of Longevity

See who's talking about it

"Fascinating, all of this,
certainly good news."
Graham Ulkins
Gray Television Network
Nationally Syndicated in U.S.


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American Institute of Stress
Flagship program
Finding Contentment

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The Back Cover

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This book describes how the damage that hidden stress inflicts on the
heart and body is being prevented and reversed. With a Foreword by
one of America’s leading cardiologists, it tells the stories of the patients,
doctors, and scientists who together are discovering the nature of longevity.

In easy-to-understand terms, and backed by hundreds of references, it provides
practical insights into:
• Why the damage from hidden stress limits how long and well we live.
• Why standard care doesn’t target the damage, and how that’s changing.
• Why diet & exercise are crucial, but still can’t break the lifespan barrier.
• How heart patients with diabetes have risks reduced by almost half.
• How doctors reverse Peripheral Artery Disease damage without surgery.
• How the elastic that drives the heart, arteries, and skin is being restored.
• How life-threatening aneurysms are being repaired due to that discovery.
• How trillions of tiny blobs that rule our health are driving a revolution.
• How a supplement formula has been improving heart health for decades.
• How patients are escaping the trap of uninsured and unexpected costs.
• Who is investing in effective solutions and overcoming barriers to them.
• How the places where we live trigger hidden stress and help to prevent it..


Inspiring Stories

Woman writing stories about restoring the heart
What standard therapies miss

Stories of patients who are getting better, doctors who are treating them, and researchers who made the discoveries. Together, they are restoring the heart and body by unlocking the nature of longevity.  Meet the innovators who pioneered these advances, and  patients who are benefiting from them. See how they are solving this problem, as described by one of America's leading cardiologists who found a way to do it ...

"The standard prescribed therapies for cardiovascular disease and other
chronic illnesses have not succeeded
in resolving this problem because
they're not targeted towards it."

Dr. Gervasio Lamas,
Chief of Cardiology, Mt. Sinai Medical Center & Columbia University

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