"The standard prescribed therapies for cardiovascular disease
and other chronic illnesses have not succeeded in resolving this problem because they're not targeted towards it"

Dr. Gervasio Lamas,
Chief of Cardiology, Mt. Sinai Medical Center and Columbia University


 New innovations are repairing the damage  after your body
turning against itself 

 How the Environment Turns Your Body Against You

  Starting from the day you're born, the environment turns your body against you. Standard heart disease therapies are NOT designed to reverse the damage caused by this. Many standard prevention methods won't protect you from it. Learn more




Inspiring Stories

Mature Man Having Fun

Why Nature's Tools Work When Standard Therapies Don't

   Inventors of therapies used to copy nature without knowing how it worked. Today, they know HOW nature's technologies target the things that standard therapies aren't designed to treat. Meet the innovators who pioneered these advances, and the patients who are benefiting from them. Learn more

Unlocking Your Body's
Hidden World

​​  What is your body's hidden world and which crucial role does it play in your health? Find out by answering the quiz to receive a discount on the upcoming book,  and excerpts from the Introduction. Here’s what happens when that hidden word is targeted successfully. Learn more.


Our Objective

 Our aim is to empower people by describing how nature's technologies can improve health when standard therapies don't. These innovations are published in scientific journals and are used by accredited physicians.  Learn more. 

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