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What Standard Prevention and Therapies Are Missing

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   Standard therapies temporarily relieve high blood pressure and other heart disease risk factors, but they don't repair the damage. Treatments are still mostly focused on cholesterol, hypertension, age, and smoking (1). But today it's known that the process is also driven by our body's misguided response to assaults from the environment, including;

  • Toxic metals and other pollutants that degrade our tissue

  • Low level infections that escape detection and trigger constant inflammation

  • Chronic noise from traffic and other sources

  • Environmental and emotional stresses that gang up on you.


  Those are not targeted by standard therapies. Nor are their impacts.

  • Our immune system turns against us when it tries to fix the damage.

  • Inflammation degrades already-damaged elastic in our arteries.

  • Our body produces calcification to wall off the damage, but this hardens the arteries


 A war is raging between the stealthy infections and toxic metals that make us sick, and the immune system that’s supposed to keep us healthy.

  • It's happening in the the space between your cells.

  • It's driven by trillions of tiny particles that run your body’s business.

  • It degrades the elastic fiber that drives every move you make and every breath you take.


The Good News

A few innovative therapies are removing toxic metals, restoring the elastic in arteries, and reducing chronic inflammation. 


(1) The focus on those risk factors comes from a series of studies are known as the Framingham studies. Several other studies suggest these need to be revised.