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Reversing deadly aneurysms by targeting elastic fiber


A clinical trial aimed at eliminating the threat of aneurysms bursting starts this year, and if successful could transform stroke prevention. The therapy is based on a discovery at Clemson University in South Carolina that a naturally derived chemical can restore the elastic in arteries and reverse the aneurysm.

Why is the elastic fiber in your body so important?


  1. It makes your skin, lungs and arteries flexible to maintain heart health.

  2. After you reach about 30 years of age, your body stops assembling it.

  3. When it start to degrade, it triggers chronic inflammation.

  4. The inflammation leads to hard and stiff arteries.

  5. Researchers have discovered how to repair and restore this elastic.
















Here is how elastin fiber in your arteries is degraded, and what happens after that:


To learn where and how the elastic in arteries and skin is being restored, order the book.

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Image courtesy Fraunhofer


What happens to elastin in all of us

Elastin fiber in a 6 year-old (left)


Elastin fiber in a 90 year-old (right)

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