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What doctors, readers & reviewers say about Discovering the Nature of Longevity

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Writers Digest

"...break(s) difficult concepts down into easy-to-understand bits of information.The Plain Language Glossary is a lifesaver!  The book is structured effectively, especially with the frequent headings and subheadings.  (The author has) conducted massive amounts of research and meticulously documented sources, which include an effective blend of the peer reviewed and more popular. Part III What’s on the Near Horizon is particularly insightful. This book is exemplary in production quality and cover design. The cover is compellingly related to the content/genre of the book."

Masthead News
Book Review

"Would you like to know how hidden stresses affect your health, especially your cardiac health? More importantly, would you like to know what current research says about how you can reduce and even reverse damage? ...Douglas Mulhall does a deep dive into the negative effects of environmental exposures, how they compromise our personal health, why these are still not well understood, and what we can do about them in our own life.
...Mulhall brings his research skills and ability to discuss complex science in an engaging and
accessible manner."

Dr. Eric Fishman, Orthopedic surgeon
Nashville TN
& West Palm Beach FL

“As a physician I saw many patients whose chronic conditions were not well served by standard therapies. This book explains what’s been missing and what’s being done to fill that gap. You won’t find many books that weave so much new and fascinating  information into compelling stories about real patients and real innovators."

Dr. Marcus Moore, MD
Halifax Canada

“How do I communicate the complexity of science to the person in front of me, simple and straightforward? This book does that very well. It’s a great read for laypersons, but it also has valuable tips for professionals who don’t receive this type of information in their regular work.”

Anja Wendt,        Attorney         Hamburg & Berlin, Germany

“As a woman, I was always interested in elastin and collagen in my skin, but thanks to this book, I will expand that to the rest of my body! I’m also worried about diabetes in my family. The book gave me new tools to help family members to prevent heart damage in diabetes. As a bankruptcy attorney, I also hear how medical bankruptcies are a big problem in the U.S.. This book describes affordable therapies that could help people to prevent that.”

Bruce Anderson MSc. Mechanical Engineering

For those of us who have heart disease, and for those who don’t want to have it, this book does an excellent job of describing what can cause this deadly and debilitating condition, and some options for mitigating or preventing it.  It is very well written in plain language and has an extensive list of references for those wishing further information.  I heartily recommend it.

Patrick Burgermeister
Kizoo Technology Ventures

“The writing style is accessible to everyone, entertaining and informative.”

Gerry Curts
(Recovered heart patient)

Tampa FL

“I found the 2005 book, “The Calcium Bomb” interesting and easy to read and, to the point. Although controversial at the time, the science presented is continually being confirmed by new research and medical studies. That book started me on a new journey to reverse the damage from my heart disease based on now proven and clinically accepted research. The book changed my life! Now I am equally impressed with Douglas Mulhall’s latest book on the subject, The Nature of Longevity. It presents compelling new evidence for WHY these therapies work. I recommend it to anyone who has a heart condition or wants to prevent one.”

Prof. Naren Vyavahare
Hunter  Endowed Chair and Professor of Bioengineering           Clemson University

“As a scientist versed in the topic, I give it high grades. While it’s aimed at lay readers, it has valuable guidance for healthcare foundations and government agencies who want to support cutting edge innovations in this space.”


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