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Who We Are and Why We're Doing This

49,000 lives could be saved every day.


  • More than One Trillion dollars is spent fighting heart disease every year.

  • There have been advances, but 49,000 lives are still lost each day.

  • Environmental cardiology studies show how heart health is connected to stress that's triggered by your environment.

  • Standard therapies mostly don't target this stress.

  • The Nature of Longevity describes therapies that do, and which could save many more lives if scaled up.

About the author

Douglas Mulhall  is a biotech entrepreneur, film maker, podcaster, and former national TV network CEO. He co-founded Elastrin Therapeutics, a company dedicated to reversing damage to arteries in cardiovascular disease. His career focuses on creating healthy products and buildings. He co-founded  environmental health projects in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Europe, and the U.S. He co-created  award-winning buildings in Sweden & Netherlands, as well as healthy materials for the building, packaging & printing industry. He is chief developer of several eco-design guides. He published on many topics including calcification in heart disease in journals like Nature's Laboratory Investigations.  

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Other best-selling books
by Douglas Mulhall

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Examples of Publications and Media See media page for more.

Author of the best-selling Our Molecular Future: How Nanotechnology, Robotics, Genetics, and Artificial Intelligence will Transform Our World (Prometheus Books 2002), recommended by New Scientist magazine and featured in A&E's Modern Marvels series' Future Tech. 

Co-author The Calcium Bomb (TWC 2004) describing innovative therapies for cardiovascular disease.


Co-published Creating Buildings with Positive Impacts, focused on healthy indoor environments.


Chief author of the first Circular Economy strategy for a national government


Co-author of the first Circular Economy Blueprint for Economic Development Zones. 


Chief author of the first Guide to Wastewater Recycling in Tropical Regions.


Co-author, the first journal paper on Materials Passports for healthy products.


Co-founding CEO of the national TV and Radio broadcast network, ICTV. 


Narrated and was featured in the ARTE television documentary Dangerous Calcium?,



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