Who We Are and Why We're Doing This

49,000 lives could be saved every day, from the damage caused in heart disease.


  • More than One Trillion dollars is spent every year fighting heart disease. There have been big advances, but not enough to save 49,000 lives that are still lost every day.

  • As far back as 2004, the first  environmental cardiology study signaled that heart health is connected to environmental stress. Yet, standard therapies that target this connection are hard to find.

  • Most cardiology professionals don't have access to environmental training during medical school. The impacts of noise and low levels of toxic metals on heart health are rarely taught, although chronic noise is one of the leading causes of premature death.

  • To highlight solutions, the author of The Nature of Longevity is starting an Environmental Health initiative, dedicated to empowering patients and healthcare providers with innovations that reverse  the damage from environmental stress. Get in touch to learn more.

About the author

Douglas Mulhall  is an author, film maker, podcaster, and former national TV network CEO, whose parallel career involves co-creating products and buildings that improve human and environmental health. He co-founded  environmental health projects in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Europe, and the U.S. He co-created  award-winning buildings in Sweden & Netherlands, as well as healthy materials for the building, packaging & printing industry. He co-founded a Healthy Printing Initiative for publishing, and  co-authored a globalized digital fingerprint for healthy recyclable products. He is chief developer of several eco-design guides with multinational companies. Academically, he published on many topics including calcification in heart disease in journals like Nature's Laboratory Investigations. He also co-founded Elastrin Therapeutics, a company dedicated to reversing damage to arteries in cardiovascular disease. 

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Publications and Media

See Media page for Douglas Mulhall's appearances and articles. Co-author The Calcium Bomb (TWC 2004) describing innovative therapies for cardiovascular disease, and author of the best-selling Our Molecular Future: How Nanotechnology, Robotics, Genetics, and Artificial Intelligence will Transform Our World (Prometheus Books 2002), recommended by New Scientist magazine. In 2019, co-published  Creating Buildings with Positive Impacts, focused on healthy indoor environments. Integrated Environmental Health into business & policy as chief author of the first Circular Economy strategy for a national government and co-author of the first Circular Economy Blueprint for Economic Development Zones.  Chief author of the first Guide to Wastewater Recycling in Tropical Regions. Co-author, the first journal paper on Materials Passports for healthy products. Co-founding CEO of the national TV and Radio broadcast network, ICTV.  Narrated and was featured in the ARTE television documentary Dangerous Calcium?, as well as A&E's Modern Marvels series' Future Tech.  Has been interviewed by hundreds of media including CNN, NBC News, and CBS News.