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Starting from when you're born, your body turns against you when it tries to fix damage to your arteries that's caused by your environment. Standard therapies don't target this. Others do.


Here's what you'll learn in Douglas Mulhall's landmark book.

  • This leads to more of us having early heart disease than is commonly thought. The technical terms are "Preclinical" and "Subclinical". You can see it with a 5 minute ultrasound scan.

  • Standard therapies try to control the damage and treat symptoms, but for millions of people, that's not good enough.

  • Studies show that some innovative approaches reverse and prevent the damage. Quality of life is greatly improved. Other innovations are in the lab and entering clinical trials.

  • This book shows the path from the innovations of today to regenerative solutions of the near future. It tells the story of pioneers who unlocked the secrets, how they succeeded, the patients who benefited, and the surprising things inside your body that play a part.

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  1. What's the biggest space in your body? (Hint. It was just classified as the 80th organ)

  2. Which trillions of particles run your body's daily business? (Hint. Not cells)

  3. What material powers every move you make? (Hint. Not muscle)

  4. Which process hardens arteries? (Two answers possible. One of those hardens teeth too)